Austria not only has a rich cultural history, but is also one of the world's leading locations for business and research, as regularly confirmed by numerous international rankings. This is because specialists appreciate the innovative capacity, inherent stability and above all the high quality of life in the heart of Europe.

Austria is one of the most successful countries in the European Union. Those who live and work here enjoy the lowest unemployment rate and above-average purchasing power. The country is an ideal location for companies since it offers a highly developed infrastructure, social stability and individual safety, as well having the third-highest productivity rate per employee in the EU. Over the past ten years, Austria’s economic growth has been constantly above the Eurozone average; mainly due to a large number of dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises as well as an industrial sector that is able to compete internationally.
Austria is one of the safest and most reliable countries in the world, which means that internationally active companies can rely on extremely high levels of political and economic stability. The well-proven and successful social partnership between employer and employee representatives has secured Austria not only a leading position in terms of productivity (0.8 strike days per 1,000 employees), but also a low unemployment rate and moderate wage policies.
With regard to company productivity, Austria is in the top group of the highly developed countries. In addition, the domestic economy is also supported by a business-friendly tax system with a uniform corporate tax rate of 25 percent. The effective tax burden in Vienna is lower than in London, Madrid, Brussels, Milan or Luxembourg. Additionally, internationally active companies, under certain conditions, can be offset foreign losses against tax within the scope of so-called group taxation.


Austria meets all the requirements of the highly-qualified by offering an unspoilt natural environment, good air quality, a diverse culture scene, and a high quality of life. Combined they make Austria a wonderful place to stay and Vienna one of the most liveable cities in the world.
Future-oriented environmental policy, a high proportion of renewable energies, a pronounced environmental awareness and ecologically compatible production technologies have turned Austria into an environmental role model.


The most important capital of Austrian companies is its well-trained, highly motivated staff. The basis for this is a pragmatic educational system, which is aligned to the needs of the economy such as dual vocational training for young adults, which operates in parallel in apprenticeships and vocational schools. In addition, for all technical disciplines, Higher Technical Colleges (HTC) offer highly qualified training courses that are frequently equivalent to international Bachelor levels. Also, in the university sector, Austria has a differentiated system of 22 public universities, 21 universities of applied sciences and 13 private universities.


Very early on, Austrian companies successfully crossed borders and invested in Central and Eastern Europe. Nowadays, Austria is recognised globally as the number one location for building business relations with Eastern and South Eastern Europe. With 300 international company headquarters, Austria is far ahead of competing locations such as Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary.